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Building a Home From the Ground Up! Block Walls

The day has finally come and the slab is ready for the exterior block walls. You soon will be able to see what the exterior of your home will look like! It's an exciting and chaotic day all at the same time. The slab is loaded by our concrete block supply company a few days before our crew is set to start, but after the slab has had 3 - 4 days to strengthen.

The day begins by our project manager meeting our sub-contractor to review the plans. During this time they discuss all the window openings, door openings, and any other areas of concern. We want to set the block right the first time so we can stick to our timeline! It's definitely chaotic, but there is a system.

Block walls are built using a staggered method to ensure you have a strong wall! Each block has mortar joint above, below, and on the sides. Each window and door opening has a pre-formed concrete lintle that is specified by our engineer (darker grey sections with red writing). These precast concrete beams are what span and opening allowing us to complete the block wall on top of it.

This home took 2 days to complete the block walls and we can finally see the exterior shape.

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