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Building A Home From The Ground Up - Rough Plumbing and Slab

Before we can progress any further, any plumbing in the slab has to be installed and inspected. This includes all of the water lines, drain lines, plumbing vents, HVAC channel, and any piping you need for electrical (ex: floor outlets or in our case electrical for the kitchen island). Once this is completed and inspected we can pour the slab!

The most important structural component of any building is the foundation. As seen in previous blogs, this particular home is built on a 2 block stem wall to raise the elevation of the home, and help with the slope of the lot. The slab will be poured in this area to form the base of the home.

The time has come and we are ready to pour! Our slab will be poured using a 3000 PSI concrete. During the pour, the stem wall will be filled with concrete which will create one structural piece of concrete connecting the slab and footers. A small recap - The footers were dug, rebar was installed in those footer horizontally and vertically, footers were poured, stem wall was built, and now the slab ties all of those components together.

The slab is poured and now it's time to finish the concrete and give it a smooth finish.

As the slab is setting up and getting firm, we cut control joints throughout the slab to help control cracking. All concrete cracks, there is really no way around it. Having control joints in your slab helps cut down on cracking in unwanted areas.

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