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Building A Home From The Ground Up! – Site Prep

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

First things first, install your permit box! This box holds everything the county needs to inspect your home and it also hold your building permit, plans, and any other required information.

You may wonder why builders scrape away all the vegetation before starting construction? This is a great question and is a very important step in the building process. Builders scrape away this vegetation because pouring the slab on top of vegetation would cause future complications. Eventually, the vegetation would rot away and leave voids or cavities beneath the slab leading to cracking and possible slab failure. Once our lot was scraped, we installed silt fencing. Silt fence is used in construction to control erosion and loss of sediment on a construction site. Silt fencing is installed by digging a small trench and installing the fence inside the trench. Once installed, the dirt on both sides of the fence is pushed back, covering the bottom portion of the fence. This forms a barrier that helps keep all loose sediment inside your property boundaries. Your lot is scraped and now your surveying team steps in. All four corners are surveyed and marked with stakes showing us our property boundaries.

Your survey team now will now measure the four exterior corners of your house. This is the space where your house will be built and is approved by the county to be built. At this point you are ready for your footers and slab to formed and poured.

You are now ready for your footers!!!

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