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We understand that choosing the right Custom Home Builder is important and we understand that this is a large investment for you and your family. We are here to help you through the process by giving you the information you need.

1) Starting the Custom Home process is simple and it starts with a phone call to discuss your budget. What is your budget and what can you afford? Have you been pre-approved with a local bank? Maybe you know what you can afford by previous home purchases. We can give you a general idea of how many square feet you can afford to build and an idea of what type of interior and exterior finishes can be included. 

2) Do you own land or are you in the process of buying land? 

3) How much site preparation is needed to build your dream home? 

4) Will we need to install a well or septic system or are city/county utility hook ups available? 

5) How large of a home do you need? Bedrooms/Living Square Footage 

6) What type of finishes do your require? 

Once these questions are answered we can give you an estimate of what we can charge to build a Custom Home! 

How do I Start the Custom Home Process? 


I like the budget you presented! How do I move forward?  

Our next step is simple and it is a Design Agreement Contract. This is a contract that is based off of the previous information we have collected and you are comfortable with. Our design agreement pricing is based off of the total square footage of the home we quoted you. This contract allows us to start the process of drawing the floor plan and elevation of your home. We discuss the general flow of your home and where you like certain rooms. Do you want an open concept living, kitchen and dining area? We take your vision and complete a full set of building plans while helping you maintain your budget. 

The floor plan is perfect! How do I start construction? 

When the floor plan is complete and all the revisions are made we finalize the price of the home and give you a fixed price contract. Keep in mind, during the design phases we help you understand if you are designing within your budget. Once the building contract is signed we go to work on permitting and getting approval from your local city or county to begin the building phases. 

Design Selections

As a turn-key custom home contractor, we help our clients choose their finishes. During this time, meetings will be scheduled to go through different products and view samples and catalogs until all items are selected. 


Pre-Construction Meeting

Building Plans

Before your custom home project starts you will meet the Alex Custom Homes and Remodeling team that will be involved in your project. During this meeting our team will discuss the project and and what you, the homeowner, should expect during the project. They will go through different items like position of a dumpster, material delivers, and appropriate contact information. 

Start of Construction

We are ready to start your custom home and all construction activities begin to take place. Your point of contact will be the project manager you met during your pre-construction meeting. They will be in charge of your project until it is complete. 

Wooden Home Framing

Final Walk-Thru

When your project is complete, the Alex Custom Homes and Remodeling team will view the project and close out the job.

We look forward to helping you build your dream home! 
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