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How do I Start the Remodeling Process? 

We understand that choosing the right turn-key remodeling contractor is important. We are here to help you through the process by giving you the information you need.

1) Starting the remodeling process is simple and it starts with a phone call to discuss your project. 

2) During your initial conversation a time and date will be set for a initial in home consultation. During this time our sales team will view project area, create a drawing(s), and discuss the changes needed. Is the footprint staying the same? Are we removing a wall(s)? What type of finishes are you wanting us to bid? What is your budget for the project?

3) After the initial appointment our sales team will then send everything to our office and will review the project with our estimating team. 

4) Our estimating team will estimate the repairs with the desired finishes. If the project is over budget, they will give you different options on how to get your remodel project within your budget. 

5) When the estimate is complete you will receive a detailed proposal stating all of the changes and included materials. 

6) Some remodel contracts will include allowances on certain materials like flooring, countertops, appliances etc. These allowances are used because we may not know the final design of your floor plan until it is drawn 

I like the budget you presented! How do I move forward?  

Our next step is simple and it is signing our remodel contract. This contract allows us to start the process of drawing the floor plan and changes that will be included in your remodel. Some remodels do not require drawings and may not  need a permit depending on the scope of the project. 

Design Selections

As a turn-key remodeling contractor, we help our clients choose their finishes. During this time, meetings will be scheduled to go through different products and view samples and catalogs until all items are selected. 

Pre-Construction Meeting

Before your remodel project starts you will meet the Alex Custom Homes and Remodeling team that will be involved in your project. During this meeting our team will discuss the project and and what you, the homeowner, should expect during the project. They will go through different items like position of a dumpster, material delivers, and appropriate contact information. 

Start of Construction

We are ready to start your remodel and all construction activities begin to take place. Your point of contact will be the project manager you met during your pre-construction meeting. They will be in charge of your project until it is complete. 

Final Walk-Thru

When your project is complete, the Alex Custom Homes and Remodeling team will view the project and close out the job.

The process is simple! We don't use high pressure tactics to try and make you sign. We look forward to helping you remodel your home!

Contact us today to start the process.

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